Articles and Papers

Want to learn more about piezoelectric micro motors, micro stages, motion systems and applications? Here are some articles and papers that we think you’ll find useful. Have a look, and then give us a call with your questions about the technology and its applications. We love this stuff!

Power Packed – Piezoelectric motors: big power, small package

Power Packed – Piezoelectric motors: big power, small package

Article in MICROmanufacturing Magazine by Bill Kennedy, Contributing Editor – An excellent introduction to piezoelectric motors. This article presents a background explanation of the piezoelectric effect and its use in several different motor designs, including New Scale’s direct linear drive SQUIGGLE motor as well as MicroMo’s Piezo Wave and Piezo Legs configurations.

Design miniaturisierter Produkte mit piezoelektrischen Motoren

Article in Elektronik Magazin – The combination of small size, low power use and high precision makes the SQUIGGLE motor interesting for applications including mobile phone cameras, electronic locks and latches, medical devices such as endoscope optics and drug pumps, and microfluidic devices including fuel cells and lab-on-a-chip devices. This article describes the operating principle, electrical integration, and applications of SQUIGGLE motors.

Piezoelectric motors move miniaturization forward

Article in Electronic Products magazine – This article compares piezo motors to other motor technologies for micro cameras, including miniature electromagnetic motors, voice coil actuators, liquid lenses, and piezo bimorph actuators. It then compares two types of piezo motors that have been commercialized for micro camera applications.

Micro moves

Article from Machine Design Magazine – by David Henderson. Motors that can precisely position loads with micrometer-scale accuracy are now inexpensive enough for consumer electronics.