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MPM System – Getting Started

Getting started with your multi-probe micromanipulator system

The MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System is simple to set up and operate. With the simulation capabilities in the software, you can start planning and optimizing experiments before your hardware even arrives.

Watch this “Getting Started” video to learn more. Once your lab has ordered an MPM System, you can request access to the MPM User Portal for the detailed user guides and “how to” videos.

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Before your hardware arrives

As soon as you receive your order acknowledgement, you can download and explore the latest MPM Software. You will learn how to use the system, choose many settings and configurations, plan your physical setup, and practice using the software.

Do these steps: 

  • Create a user account on the MPM User Portal
  • Download and install the latest software on your PC
  • Watch the VCS software how-to videos on the portal
  • Use Simulation Mode to explore system capabilities and practice using the software

If you know the area of the brain you want to explore, you can enter stereotactic Start and Stop coordinates from your brain atlas and run an experiment in simulation mode. You can determine in advance how you will set up your hardware, safely test your settings, and explore different configurations.

You will determine a workable height for the MPM Platform, and the the exact positioning of each MPM Arm (polar angle, pitch angle, arm height and arm length).  

When your hardware arrives, you will be able to immediately set it up correctly for the purpose of this experiment.

After your hardware arrives

Because you are familiar with the software and have practiced the basic operation of all the control features, you can immediately set up your hardware correctly for your experiment.

Do these steps:

  • Watch the hardware how-to videos on the MPM User Portal
  • Set up your hardware
  • Run the Speed Performance Test to verify that you system is working properly



Download drawings and hardware guides to plan your purchase and installation of an MPM System.

Register here if you do NOT yet have an MPM in your lab


Download software and user guides for your MPM System. Watch How-To videos on system setup and operation.

Register here to create or access your USER account for your MPM