Data Sheets

M3 micro-mechatronic modules

 M3-FS and M3-F focus module and developer’s kit data sheet 
April 2017

 M3-LS-1.8 linear smart stage and developer’s kit data sheet
August 2017 (PDF)

 M3-LS-3.4-15 linear smart stage and developer’s kit data sheet
October 2017 (PDF)

 M3-RS-U-2M-20-L rotary two-axis, two-mirror beam steering system developer’s kit 
June 2018 (PDF)

 M3-RS-U-1M-20 rotary one-axis mirror positioning system developer’s kit
June 2018 (PDF)

 M3-RS-U-360 rotary micro stage
June 2018 (PDF)

 M3-RS-3.4-U rotary micro stage (custom product)
April 2017 – preliminary (PDF)

 M3-L linear module and developer’s kit data sheet
August 2017 (PDF)

Feasibility studies

 Feasibility Studies checklist 
December 2017 (146Kb PDF)

SQUIGGLE motors and drivers

 Developer’s kit for the SQL-RV-1.8 SQUIGGLE motor.
Both open-loop and closed-loop kits are available to qualified OEMs as part of a development project with New Scale.  July 2014 (178Kb PDF)

 SQL-RV-1.8 micro motor and drive system technical bulletin
SQL-1.8 SQUIGGLE micro motors and drive IC for OEM product development projects with New Scale.
June 2014
(238Kb PDF)

 NSD-2101 piezo motor drive IC for SQL-RV-1.8 SQUIGGLE motors ams (formerly austriamicrosystems) data sheet.
Rev 0.6 Aug. 2011 (486 Kb PDF).

Additional downloads

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