Linear Micro Stages

M3-LS Linear Smart Stage: Micro positioning stage with embedded controller

The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is a direct-drive, high-precision micro stage with built-in controller. It is designed for fast, simple integration into miniature OEM systems.

This “smart stage” has all drive electronics integrated right into the compact stage housing – no external board needed! It offers unmatched precision, stability and ease of use.

M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Micro Stage

This longer-travel, higher-load Smart Stage (micro stage with integrated controller) has low power use and 15 mm of travel.

M3-LS-1.8-6 Linear Micro Stage

This ultra-compact Smart Stage (micro positioning stage with integrated controller) has low power use and 6 mm of travel.

Embedded Controller

A Smart Stage has the controller built right in, for smallest system size and simplest system integration. Learn more

Smallest size, low power, fast integration into OEM systems


  • Integrated smart module: no separate electronics – USB, I2C or SPI interface
  • Small size: from 29 x 20 x 10 mm to 32 x 32 x 11 mm including controller
  • High resolution: 0.5 µm
  • Long stroke: 6 mm or 15 mm
  • Absolute encoding: no homing needed
  • Low voltage, low power use
  • High repeatability and low runout
  • Quiet: so quiet you can hear a pin drop (video)


Unmatched precision, stability and ease of use

The piezo-driven positioning stage has 0.5 µm resolution for precise, repeatable positioning of optics, probes, sensors and more. Absolute encoding removes the need to home the stage on power-up, eliminating errors and disruptions in processes and experiments.

The M3-LS micro stage has high stiffness and lateral stability, no backlash, and less than 10 µm runout over its full travel range.

Direct input via USB, I2C or SPI

The M3-LS Smart Stage – a linear stage with embedded controller – accepts direct input of simple high-level motion commands. It is the only linear micro stage that can be driven directly from a system processor via standard I2C or SPI interface.

Alternatively, a USB adapter enables connection to a PC, with New Scale Pathway™ software providing an easy-to-use graphical user interface. You can control multiple positioning stages from a single screen for interactive operation. Employ the intuitive script generator to create command sequences for automated operations.

Low power use for hand-held systems

The ultra-compact M3-LS-1.8 Linear Smart Stage can be powered by USB or standard batteries.

The longer-travel M3-LS-3.4 Linear Smart Stage can run on batteries or a low-cost DC power supply.

The integrated piezoelectric motor holds position without using power. The internal electronics can be switched to sleep mode for extreme low-power applications.


A tiny all-in-one positioning stage that can be powered by standard batteries, the M3-LS linear micro stage is ideal for motion in hand-held and portable instruments.

  • Create miniature microscopes and spectroscopy instruments.
  • Miniaturize systems for micro assembly and biomedical probing or sampling.
  • Use in high resolution tuning systems, targeting systems and UAV/UGV controls and optics.
  • Develop miniature camera systems and more.

Easily configure multiple M3-LS microstages into XY and XYZ configurations.

Developer’s Kits

M3-LS micro stage developer’s kits provide easy evaluation and prototyping with M3-LS Linear Smart stages. Developer’s kits are available from New Scale and select reps and distributors. Contact New Scale regarding additional micro stages, brackets and flex cables for use with the developer’s kit to create 2-axis and 3-axis systems, or to inquire about volume pricing or customization of M3-LS Linear Smart Stage systems.

Micropositioning stage developers' kit

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M3-LS-3.4 Linear Smart Stage Developer’s Kit

New Scale Pathway™ software lets you easily evaluate the micro stages and validate your embedded software. Control multiple Smart Stages from one PC screen.
Developer’s Kits include the linear positioning stage with embedded controller, and a USB adapter for easy evaluation, system development and prototype testing on a PC.

 Developer’s Kit Ordering Information

Developer's Kit with 15 mm travel micro stage


Kit includes:

  • One M3-LS-3.4-15  Linear Smart Stage
    – micro positioning stage with integrated controller
  • One M3-USB USB adapter
  • Breakout board
  • 6VDC power supply
  • New Scale Pathway software
  • Cables and mounting hardware kit

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Data sheet with drawings (PDF) 

Developer's Kit with 6 mm travel micro stage


Kit includes

  • One M3-LS-1.8-6 Linear Smart Stage
    – micro stage with integrated controller
  • One M3-USB USB adapter
  • One M3-1.8-0-deg-250 straight flex cable, 250 mm length
  • One M3-1.8-90-deg-250 angled flex cable, 250 mm length
  • New Scale Pathway software
  • Mounting hardware kit

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Data sheet with drawings (PDF)

Additional components: M3-LS-3.4-15

Model Description
M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage (15 mm travel) – micro stage with integrated controller and cable

Additional components: M3-LS-1.8-6

Model Description
M3-LS-1.8-6 Linear Smart Stage (6 mm travel) – micro stage with integrated controller
No cables
M3-1.8-0-deg-250 Flex cable for M3-LS micro stage
Straight end, 250 mm length
M3-1.8-90-deg-250 Flex cable for M3-LS micro stage
90° angle at one end, 250 mm length
M3-1.8-Y-bracket Bracket for y-axis stage
Affixes y-axis stage to x-axis stage
M3-1.8-Z-bracket Bracket for z-axis stage
Affixes z-axis stage to x- or y-axis stage

Contact Us to purchase additional components for use with your micro stage developers kit, or for volume pricing on M3-LS Linear Smart Stages.


Model M3-LS-3.4-15  M3-LS-1.8-6
Description Longer travel, higher load capacity Linear Smart Stage: micro positioning stage with built-in controller Ultra-compact Linear Smart Stage: micro positioning stage with built-in controller
Data sheet (PDF) M3-LS-3.4-15 data sheet with drawings (PDF) M3-LS-1.8-6 data sheet with drawings (PDF)
Travel Range (Stroke) 15 mm 6 mm
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 11 mm including controller 29 x 20 x 9.5 mm including controller
Mass of Smart Stage(including controller) 30 grams (Smart Stage)
36 grams (Smart Stage + cable + connector)
8.4 grams
Max moving mass (vertical) 
(note 1)
100 grams 10 grams recommended
Max moving mass (horiz)
(note 1)
200 grams 20 grams (offset < 10 mm) recommended
Force (operating) 1 N 0.2 N
Speed (at operating force) > 4 mm/s 5 mm/s
Duty cycle 50% max recommended
Closed-loop performance
Resolution 0.5 μm with absolute encoding 0.5 μm with absolute encoding
Bi-directional repeatability < 5 μm < 5 μm
Accuracy < 20 μm < 20 μm
Input Power (note 2) 6 VDC
 5 W typical at 4 mm/s, 1 N load, closed-loop
< 0.2 W quiescent
3.3 VDC
< 0.75 W typical at 5 mm/s, closed-loop (2 W max.)
Mechanical Stage
Static parallelism < 30 μm < 30 μm
Run-out < 10 μm < 10 μm
Pitch and yaw < 1 mrad < 1 mrad
Absolute max load 10 N 10 N
Linear slide features Crossed roller bearings with high stiffness Uniform and very low friction even under high direct loads and side loads. Six ball bearings in a kinematic “v” guide-way eliminate cage creep and friction spikes.
Relative humidity < 70%  < 70%
Operating temperature +5 °C to +40 °C -30 to +70 °C (note 3)
Storage temp. -40 °C to +85 °C -40 to +80 °C
Lifetime  >10 million random moves while not exceeding 1.2 km total travel (note 4)
Compliance  CE / RoHS CE / RoHS
Controller embedded embedded
Control interface Via USB adapter from PC or directly via I2C or SPI serial interface Via USB adapter from PC, or directly via I2C or SPI serial interface
Note 1: Higher moving mass is possible but affects performance and lifetime
Note 2: Power depends on input voltage, speed and load
Note 3: Speed and force reduced at lower temperatures within the range
Note 4: Corresponds to 10 million moves with an average random move of 120 µm. Lifetime depends on the application and use case.  Please consult the factory to discuss your specific system design.


Download CAD files, New Scale Pathway software and programming guides (registration required)

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The M3 Smart Module Platform

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