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See us at Neuroscience 2023 | MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System for neural recording (11/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – See the latest updates including Pinpoint, Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer, SpikeGLX and Open Ephys GUI connections

MPM System and NeuroLight probes | Pathfinder and Trajectory Explorer, Pinpoint update (9/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Read the latest updates re. the MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System for neural recording.

NEW Beam Steering Dev Kit: Micro Two-Axis Two-Mirror System Uses Piezo Smart Stages (9/2023)
Development kit includes two M3 Rotary Smart Stages, a laser, New Scale Pathway development software, and PC connector board for convenient development and analysis.

Video: MPM Pathfinder & Trajectory Explorer | Buying Neuropixels 2.0 probes? Read this! (8/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Now available on-demand: Detailed demo of Pathfinder and Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer, with Andy Peters (Peters Lab, Oxford) and New Scale Technologies.

 See us at SPIE Optics+Photonics next week | Read the design note for mini focus modules (8/2023)
Micro piezo motion systems with built-in controllers help engineers turn benchtop-sized breadboards into compact, high-performance instruments

MPM Pathfinder V2.8 released | See a live demo of Pathfinder + Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer July 26 (7/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Don’t miss this webinar for live demo and Q&A with Andy Peters (Peters Lab, Oxford) and New Scale Technologies

 Two-Axis Tilting Mirror Module is just 14x14x7 mm INCLUDING the controller | Pre-order a dev kit now (7/2023)
0.01 deg resolution and 3.3VDC power make this an all-in-one module ideal for mirror motion in small, portable instruments

PREVIEW: New mouse, rat target images for probe insertion in upcoming MPM Pathfinder release (6/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – ALSO: How to shim Neuropixels 1.0 probes in the 1AS probe holder

VIDEO: Rotary microstage dev kit in stock | Article: Piezo technology basics (6/2023)
Smart Stage with built-in controller delivers point-to-point angular positioning with resolution better than 0.022 degrees closed-loop

Using gaming controllers with the MPM System | New article from Deisseroth Lab (4/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Pathfinder sofware to include features suggested by beta users in leading electrophyiology labs

VIDEO: Mini Rotary Smart Stage | See it live at OPIE Japan 19-21 April (4/2023)
M3-RS-U2 Smart Stage with built-in controller delivers point-to-point angular positioning with resolution better than 0.022 degrees closed-loop

Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer / MPM System Pathfinder Software update (3/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – MPM System update | MPM User news: Allen Institute protocol for probe insertion in mice; Stanford University research on cellular-level mechanisms underlying brain function

VIDEO: M3 Smart Stage adds versatility to robotic cell for circuit board testing (3/2023)
ALSO: New Scale Robotics Division automates gauging in precision manufacturing

VIDEO: New Rotary Smart Stage Dev Kit. Smallest size, fastest integration, lowest cost (2/2023)
M3-RS-U2 Smart Stage with built-in controller delivers point-to-point angular positioning with resolution better than 0.022 degrees closed-loop

Analysis: Slow insertion speeds improve quality in acute neural recording (1/2023)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – MPM System provides slow, smooth, programmable probe insertion

Motion modules solve VR/XR system design challenges | See us at Photonics West – and – SPIE AR/VR/MR conference (1/2023)
See micro motion product demos including our new M3-RS-U2 Smart Stage with built-in controller.

NEW rotary microstage: high precision, smallest size… and now lower cost | See us at Photonics West (1/2023)
M3-RS-U2 Smart Stage with built-in controller delivers point-to-point angular positioning with resolution better than 0.022 degrees closed-loop.

Big Science. Big Data. Big Discoveries. Neuroscience 2022 Wrap-up (12/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Did you miss us at Neuroscience 2022? Catch up here!

Motion module dev kits in stock and ready to ship  (12/2022)
Treat yourself to the gift of easier system design in 2023! Get a developer’s kit now, and learn how much time and effort you could save by using embedded motion modules.

Meet the experts at Neuroscience 2022 : Acute mouse recording, Open Ephys, Spike GLX (11/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Get first-hand experience from MPM System users in the Neuropixels booth.

Video: Resolution, Repeatability, Accuracy – A Quick Review  (11/2022)
Learn how these parameters influence performance, cost and complexity of motion systems. ALSO: See a short highlight reel of our 20th Anniversary Open House.

Video: MPM System with Trajectory Planning and Data Acquisition apps (9/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Here’s a sneak preview of the exciting new work in progress: Integrating trajectory planning apps (Trajectory Explorer, Pinpoint) and data acquisition tools (Open Ephys GUI, SpikeGLX, Allego) with the MPM manipulator system. It is an honor to be working with leading researchers on this project!

How New Scale Helps Organizations Like Yours (7/2022)
Wondering how you can use embedded motion to make great products smaller? Watch the quick, high-level video – or try a Developer’s Kit for yourself!

Shims & alignment tips for 1AS probe holder (Neuropixels 1.0 probes) | Optogenetics applications (7/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Why clamp the probes on the circuit board in the MPM system? It’s all about density. ALSO: Laser Focus World explains the basics of optogenetics and describes newer techniques like single-cell and holographic optogenetics.

ISO 13485:2016 (medical) and ISO 9001:2015 quality systems at New Scale (6/2022)
How quality practices drive micro motion module production.

Trajectory Explorer for Neural Probe Insertion (6/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Open-source software helps define insertion trajectories, provides data for manipulator system.

See our newest linear Smart Stage – cost-efficient piezo stage optimized for high-volume production (5/2022)
Learn how this new micro stage lets engineers embed motion into compact precision instruments for NGS, spectroscopy and more.

Optogenetics and the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (4/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – How leading research labs use the MPM System reference probe to position optical fibers. Also: An article in Nature Communications describes how researchers at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia used a three-probe MPM System to probe how inactivation of a cortical node causally affects brain-wide fMRI coupling.

New Video: Applications for embedded smart stages in spectroscopy, microscopy and more (3/2022)
This video demonstrates a variety of applications using M3-LS Linear Smart Stages to embed compact, closed-loop linear motion. We include the use of motion in spectroscopy-based instruments, embedded microscopes, and precision micro manipulators.

Solving Challenges for Virtual Reality / Extended Reality System Designers (2/2022)
Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality… whatever area you are working in, embedded motion modules can help. Get precision motion of lenses, apertures and more – while keeping your system lightweight and wearable.

New Video: Micro motion in next-gen DNA sequencing instruments (1/2022)
Embedded motion enables major advances in DNA sequencing by helping instrument designers miniaturize the photonics subsystems. It is similar to the advances that embedded motion brought to pathogen detection systems by focusing light on microfluidic channels.
New tool simplifies probe alignment (Neuropixels 1.0 and 2.0 probes) (1/2022)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Mounting and aligning silicon neural probes can be frustrating! Our new Alignment Fixture has been demonstrated to be an excellent tool for alignment of both Neuropixels 1.0 and 2.0 probes in their respective MPM probe holders. Check out our helpful guides and demonstrations.

New Video: Beam alignment and focusing for spectroscopy-based instruments (11/30/2021)
We continue to be amazed at the work our customers are doing with embedded motion. For example, making precision analytical instruments that are smaller and portable to reach new markets and help more people. Improve gene sequencing, pathogen detection and more.

In case you missed it: Neuropixels probe mount live demo event (11/18/2021)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – We’re reprising some key events from the virtual meeting. Join us for a live, interactive demo of the MPM Probe Mount NP2a and Alignment Fixture on Thursday, Dec. 9 at 12 PM EST

Neuropixels 2.0 probe mount now ready for Multiprobe Manipulator (MPM) System (11/4/2021)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – See our latest product at Neuroscience 2021! The MPM Probe Mount NP2a supports Neuropixels 2.0 (alpha phase) probes. Use it to quickly mount one or two probes on EACH manipulator arm in your MPM System.

Learn about Motors and Motion for Medical Devices (10/2021)
Join New Scale CEO David Henderson and Design News editors Kristin Lewotsky and Rob Spiegel for this informative webinar. It’s an incredible honor to work with leading companies who design and manufacture medical devices. Our customers are innovating to improve lives and health around the world. We’re innovating to help them make their great products smaller and higher-performing. How can we help you?

New online shop: M3 motion modules & dev kits in stock (09/2021)
Micro Technology Group launches “electroverge.com” featuring M3 products.

White Paper: Extended Reality (XR) applications for M3 modules (08/2021)
Exciting new applications for piezo motion system technologies: Wearable precision motion in extended reality products.

New Video: Newest M3 microstage – high-speed motion for high-volume production (07/2021)
Also: Our 21st patent – and a two-axis beam steering system, using the newly-patented UTAF2 piezoelectric micro motor technology. The device measures only 12x12x5 mm and delivers +/- 12 degrees of tilt with 1 arc minute precision.

New Product: Latest M3 Smart Stage is built for long life (04/2021)
The newest M3-LS Smart Stage delivers cost-effective embedded motion for instruments that need high-volume production and long life. With the same small size and high precision, it’s seven times faster than other M3 Smart Stages.

Win a focus module dev kit at Photonics West Digital Forum and Marketplace (02/2021)
Also: Sneak preview our NEW linear Smart Stage, designed for volume production

New Magnetic Base Provides Additional Flexibility for Multiprobe Micromanipulator (11/2020)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – New probe arm can be mounted anywhere on a metal lab table to fit even more neural probes, optical fibers and other objects into neural recording experiments.

Have you seen our Smart Stage Developer’s Kits? (9/22/2020)
The fastest way to embed precision motion into instruments. Position optics or samples for diagnostics, pathogen detection and more.

It’s here! New VCS software simplifies neural recording planning, simulation and execution (9/2/2020)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – We’re excited to announce the full release of our new Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) software for acute in-vivo neural recording experiments. A huge thanksto our many beta testers for countless hours and invaluable feedback in the development of this exciting new system!

Keep your new product development moving (6/23/2020)
Learn about standard motion modules or custom development on the M3 motion platform

Webinar: Miniaturization in Motors and Motion Control (3/18/2020)
Join New Scale CEO David Henderson in this online conference from Design News

Need to embed micro motion in your next product? See us at Photonics West! (1/29/2020)
See precision micro stages and focus modules Feb. 4-6 in San Francisco. New Scale Booth #253

See the new virtual coordinate system at Neuroscience 2019  (10/10/2019)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – See us at Neuropixels booth 2037, NeuroNexus booth 343, Cambridge Neurotech booth 853, and New Scale booth 853.

Piezo motion gets it done. Embedded controllers make it simple  (9/10/2019)
New Scale honored for Global Advancement | See us a Photonex UK 9-10 October

Virtual coordinate system now in final beta  (6/27/2019)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – “Where have you been all my life?” Stereotactic coordinates deliver even faster positioning of multiple neural probes

NASA Spinoff Magazine features our rotary piezo positioner | 19th patent received  (6/6/2019)
How developing a custom two-stage piezo SCARA robot with NASA JPL spurred numerous piezo technology advances

Mounts for Neuropixels 1.0 probes available now | The promise of high-density silicon probes (3/14/2019)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Updates on multi-probe positioning and manipulation

[VIDEO] Rotary micro stage developer’s kit | See us at events in the UK and China (3/14/2019)
Piezo stage with embedded controller has 360 degree continuous rotation

Did you miss us at Photonics West? (2/19/2019)
See what we showed at Photonics West and BiOS

NEW dev kits on Digi-Key and Mouser | See us at Photonics West (1/24/2019)
Now you can buy the M3-LS-3.4 linear micro stage developers kit from distributors

Miniature autofocus system works on 3.3V | Shipping from stock (10/22/2018)
Combines precision lens motion with fast & easy system integration

New white paper: How embedded motion modules make great products smaller (9/13/2018)
Starting new designs with all-in-one positioning modules allows product development engineers to achieve smallest system size

~ Automated focus for smaller microscopy systems | New lifetime specs for rotary microstages (8/16/2018)
M3 stages are easily embedded into handheld and portable instruments

~ Video: XY and XYZ microstages | Case Study: Neural probe positioning (7/16/2018)
See how M3-LS-3.4 micro stages enable smaller, high-precision two- and three-axis positioning systems

~ Virtual coordinate system to aid positioning of multiple neural probes (6/19/2018)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Overcome limits of stereotaxic system and insertion angles

~ Tunable RF bandpass filter has 5G capability (6/5/2018)
M3-L actuator powers low-cost, tunable, high-Q filter prototype

~ Using silicon neural probes? See what’s new with the Multi-probe Micromanipulator (4/24/2018)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition – Manage more probes in one PC | Get more force, longer travel

~ [Case Study] M3 Focus Module Helps IrisGuard Aid Vulnerable Refugees (4/10/2018)
Integrated piezo system for lens motion ensures accuracy in iris recognition

~ VIDEO: Embedded motion at Photonics West | Product demo available now (2/23/2018)
In case you missed us – or would like a reminder of what we showed you – here are the highlights from the exhibit and from our product demo.

~ Video: Micro stage dev kits | See us at Photonics West | Why embedded controllers?  (1/16/2018)
Here’s a sneak preview of  what we’re showing at  BiOS and Photonics West 2018 in San Francisco. Visit our booth or schedule a private meeting in advance.

~ Video: New rotary micro stage developer’s kit (12/20/2017)
This rotary piezoelectric microstage offers 360 degrees continuous rotation at up to 1,100 degrees/second, with an accuracy of 0.25 degrees. It measures only 12 mm in diameter including the embedded controller.

~ Smallest micro stage for moving microscope objectives… and more (11/30/2017)
New Scale’s M3 micro stages have built-in controllers to give you the smallest system size and fastest integration into your instruments.

~ See the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator in action at Neuroscience 2017 (11/3/2017)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition
– NeuroNexus, Cambridge Neurotech and The Allen Institute answer your questions about the most compact system for acute in-vivo recording

~ This new microstage is so quiet... (10/25/2017)
How quiet is it? Watch (and listen) to the 30-second video. You’ll need a quiet room or headphones to hear it.

NASA rotary microstage completed | WATCH the new dev kit video (9/21/2017)
This month we celebrated successful completion of our program with NASA JPL/Caltech to design and manufacture the Cobra Fiber Positioner, a slender, two-stage rotary positioning system.

Multi-probe Micromanipulator for silicon probes: NEW longer travel, higher load capacity (9/12/2017)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition -The MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator for neural recording with high-density silicon probes now features 15 mm of travel and a 200 gram maximum payload  for each motorized axis.

~ [VIDEO] New microstage developers kit | 32 x 32 x 11 mm stage has controller inside (8/19/2017)
Piezo stage has embedded controller, absolute encoding, 500 nm resolution and >100-gram vertical load capacity

~ Video from Laser World of Photonics: Forward-looking medical technology (7/11/2017)
New Scale’s M3-FS module, designed for mobile and battery-powered applications such as wearable headsets, caught the eye of the show producers. It was included in the overview video along with new developments from JenLab and the Fraunhofer Institute.

~ Don’t miss at Laser World of Photonics: Tiny *embedded motion* modules for smaller photonics-based products (6/22/2017)
ALSO: M3 modules speed system development – a case study

New product: Micro stage has higher load capacity, longer travel… same great all-in-one advantage  (5/31/2017)
M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage has >100 g vertical load capacity, 15 mm stroke, for embedded microscopes and more!

~ VIDEO: Behind the scenes: Making M3 micro-motion modules (4/25/2017)
This month we take you behind the scenes at our design and manufacturing center near Rochester, NY where we develop and manufacture precision micro-motion modules, micro stages and piezoelectric motors.

NeuroNexus probe mount, pre-positioning system enhance Multi-probe Micromanipulator (MPM)  (4/4/2017)
New Scale News – LAB AUTOMATION edition -features micro motion systems and applications in medical and biomedical research. This month we focus on what’s new with the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator for neural recording with high-density silicon probes.

~ Mini motion modules drive commercial success: six real-world examples (3/21/2017)
M3 embedded motion modules are enabling commercial success of smaller, more precise instruments. It’s exciting to see so many of our OEM customers ramping up production of their innovative new products!  Here are a few examples.

~ Our most popular demo at Photonics West / BiOS (2/21/2017)
In case you missed us or could not attend here’s a quick look at our most popular demo: the M3-FS mini focus module. Check out the one-minute video.

~ Motion problems solved: Talk to an engineer at BiOS / Photonics West this month (1/17/2017)
Got a micro-motion problem? Get it solved! Meet the experts in precision, embedded micro-motion systems at Photonics West and BiOS in San Francisco January 28  – February 2, 2017.

~ Case Study: Embedded motion boosts productivity in brain research (11/10/2016)
This month we introduce a new micromanipulator system for research automation, developed in cooperation with our customer at a leading research institute.

~ Case Study: Instrument maker expands market with help from M3 motion modules (10/10/2016)
This month we take a look at diagnostic instrumentation, and how M3 motion modules helped one customer grow their addressable target market.

~ Affordable and practical answers to your most demanding positioning challenges (8/16/2016)
Unless you have years of specialized experience miniaturizing and integrating motors, drive electronics, bearing systems, load couplings… you can waste a ton of precious time trying to design the micro motion part of your new system – and still not get something that works. Find out how you can take a short cut.

~ New patents: high-speed rotary piezo motor; mini beam steering system (7/15/2016)
This month we present our two latest patents: a high-speed rotary motor based on our SQUIGGLE® motor technology, and a compact wide-angle optical beam steering system incorporating our UTAF™ ultra-thin actuator family motors with integrated controllers.

~ Cobra Fiber Positioner in Full-Scale Production (6/21/2016)
Our mission is to enable customers to achieve their science objectives in less time and lower total cost.

~ Longer life for miniature focus modules (5/18/2016)
Tiny piezo lens motion systems exceed 10 million moves.

~ Hexapods and electric grippers get the “smaller” treatment (4/12/2016)
SBIR award from NIH, interest from robotics companies spur developments at New Scale.

~ Our most popular demo at Photonics West 2016 (3/8/2016)
The most popular demo in our Photonics West booth was the two-axis beam steering system with built-in controller. Check out the one-minute video.

~ See us at BiOS / Photonics West 2016 (2/8/2016)
Here’s your chance to see our miniature motion systems live and in action: Visit us at BiOS or Photonics West.

~So small you have to see it to believe it: Motion systems at Photonics West (1/14/2016)
See micro beam steering kits, focus modules and stages at Photonics West

~ Resolution, open-loop vs closed-loop (12/9/2015)
This month we answer your questions about M3 module position resolution, share a customer application, and close with a short video holiday greeting.

~ Micro-mechatronics in action: industrial robotics, microsurgery applications (11/16/2015)
This month we’re pleased to feature two of our customers and their applications for miniature motion systems.

~ VIDEO: Tiny beam steering developer’s kit (10/12/2015)
The new beam steering system features two miniature piezoelectric rotary stages with embedded closed-loop controllers. Along with smallest system size, this makes for fast, easy integration into your system.

~ New Dev Kit: Small, easy-to-use mirror positioner (9/15/2015)
We’re pleased to announced the latest developer’s kit in our M3 micro-mechatronic product line: a miniature piezoelectric smart stage with built-in controller that enables simple, precise point-to-point beam steering.

~ Micro beam steering: three approaches (and a sneak preview of a fourth) (7/28/2015)
This month we continue to explore new approaches in micro beam steering.

~ Getting to “know” about micro-mechatronics (6/23/2015)
The entrepreneur’s mantra “fail fast, fail often” is aptly applied to new product development. You want to know sooner rather than later whether your idea is feasible. Avoid wasting time and money on unrealistic solutions – just quickly rule them out and move on to better options. This applies to every sub-system in your product, including the micro motion systems. Sometimes this is called getting faster to “no.” At New Scale we call it getting faster to “know.”

~ Read our “Advances in micromechatronics” in Photonics (5/22/2015)
It’s amazing what you can learn in a decade. One thing we learned is: design engineers don’t really want tiny motors. Surprising? Not really: Most engineers want motion systems that simply work in their instruments, so they can pursue their own innovations — rather than getting bogged down with unfamiliar motors, mechanics, drivers and control systems. That’s why we applied our micromechatronic know-how and experience to create our M3 modules.

~ World’s smallest hexapod positioner (4/21/2015)
Ten years ago we were talking about the excitement of someday being able to make a hexapod positioner (Gough-Stewart platforms) as small as a coffee cup. What a difference a decade makes! We now have piezoelectric hexapod that’s as small as a shot glass…

~ Micro beam steering solutions shine at Photonics West (3/16/2015)
Read about the three new micro beam steering modules.

~ Small moves at Photonics West (1/19/2015)
Are you attending BiOS or Photonics West? Here’s your chance to see our incredibly small motion modules in action! You can also talk with our experts about your specific application and requirements.

~ Mini focus module has improved dynamic stability | Dev kits in stock at Mouser, Digi-Key (11/20/2014)
Customers asked us for an M3 module that offers higher dynamic stability and moves larger lenses with less tilt. We delivered! Developer’s kits for the new M3-FS Focus Module are available now at Digi-Key and Mouser.

~ Micro stages drive incredible shrinking instruments (10/27/2014)
Many of our customers are trying to shrink their desktop analytical systems down into devices that are handheld, portable and mobile They need to precisely adjust optics in very small spaces, using battery power, with micrometer precision, at any orientation; while resisting shock, vibration and temperature extremes. Here’s how we help.

~ Behind the Design: Off-axis, absolute position sensor for optical devices (7/21/2014)
In this issue we focus on our ongoing innovations in drive electronics and position sensing technology. Both of these areas are critical for optimizing piezo motor system performance. They’re key to making better, smaller all-in-one stages, modules and actuators.

~ All-in-one USB microstage now with ABSOLUTE ENCODING (4/28/2014)
This month we’re pleased to share our latest updates to our ground-breaking all-in-one USB stage, what we’ve learned in earning our thirteenth patent, what we’ll be presenting in Montreal this summer, and just for fun, what our kids are doing with their robot.

~ Mini USB stage has 0.5 µm resolution, 6 mm stroke (1/28/2014)
We hope to see you at Photonics West in San Francisco! We’ll be showing off our latest innovation, the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage. This stage supports high side loads and will appeal to those of you who have been using the M3-L actuator to move your own stages. As always, our goal is to simplify your system integration. Read more or watch the video.




~ Mini focus module does 3D at the bottom of the sea (10/15/2013)
We continue to be amazed by our customers’ work. We recently learned that our M3-F mini focus module traveled to the deepest spot on Earth, on a submersible piloted by filmmaker James Cameron, as part of a 3D camera system. Read about it now.

~ Focus module enhances eyesight | Electrode positioning for electrophysiology (7/23/2013)
This month we’re excited to share a couple of customer applications of our technology, including wearable technology to assist people with low vision, and a system for electrode positioning in electrophysiology research.

~ Video: piezo motor under water | SQUIGGLE for optical coherence tomography (4/24/2013)
This month we demonstrate a SQUIGGLE motor adapted for high-moisture environments and a technical paper about the novel use of a SQUIGGLE motor for medical scanning using optical coherence tomography (OCT).

~ Tiny focus system for gigapixel camera (1/28/2013)
Join us in San Francisco next month for Photonics West! See our latest M3 micro-mechatronics modules for high-resolution focus and positioning in miniature optical instruments, lasers and photonics systems, aerospace controls, biomedical devices and more. Product demos will include the new custom M3 focus module for a ground-breaking gigapixel camera.

~ New videos: Smart micro-motion in action (10/2/2012)
2012 marks New Scale’s 10th year of putting small, precise and smart systems into motion for you. We’ve made our piezoelectric motors 500x smaller – and the drive electronics 10,000x smaller, as well as smarter – since releasing our first SQUIGGLE motors in 2004. In this issue we highlight a few of our latest projects with new videos and technical papers. Applications include a small hand-held optical-based device, robots for astronomy, and an endoscopic surgical tool.

~ Focus for optical instruments… inspired by your smart phone (4/19/2012)
This is “The Year of Focus” for instrument designers! We’ve seen huge demand for small, precise optical focus systems in everything from biometric scanners to medical diagnostic devices. Not to mention smart phones.

~ Mini Smart Camera dev kit has autofocus | See us at Photonics West (1/17/2012)
This month we’re pleased to announce a new smart camera developer’s kit with precision autofocus, developed through our close partnership with Sunex and D3 Engineering.

~ How to add auto focus to a micro camera | See us at Vision 2011 (11/1/2011)
This month we explain why and how to add automated focus to your micro camera for biometric detection, medical diagnostics, machine vision and more.

~ Lifetime for mini focus module now >2M cycles | Buy M3 kits on DigiKey (7/25/2011)
This month we share the latest advances in our miniature M3-F focus module including new lifetime and repeatability specifications for best-in-class performance in high-resolution imaging applications.

~ Micromechatronics for defense | New video, 3 cool applications | USB smart camera gets focus (4/12/2011)
This month we focus on defense and security applications of small, precise micromechatronics modules – from targeting and guidance systems to portable analytical instruments for biological and chemical hazards.

~ Tiny linear actuator has 0.5um resolution and integrated closed-loop controls (1/18/2011)
This month we’re launching our M3-L linear closed-loop motion module, ideal for optical and RF tuning as well as many other medical, military and commercial applications where you need small size and high-resolution motion. Check it out at Photonics West or visit our website for videos, specifications and application information.

~ Autofocus hits machine vision, and a “behind the scenes” look at micro mechatronics creation (12/9/2010)
From Vision 2010 in Stuttgart, Dan Viggiano explains how the SQUIGGLE motor and M3 micro mechatronics modules improve imaging in machine vision, biometrics and medical diagnostics. Also… how a multi-national team created a micro mechatronics module; a new piezo motor patent; and a webcast on medical applications of micro mechatronics.

~ Developer’s kits now available: tiny focus module for digital cameras (9/21/2010)
View the developer’s kit video or purchase a kit online (now shipping from stock). Also… application focus on biometric detection; visit us at Vision 2010.

~ M3-F focus module: precise lens motion for tiny OEM cameras (6/10/2010)
Customizable focus module adds precision lens motion to the smallest OEM cameras in medical, military, industrial and consumer applications.

~ Micro-mechatronics on a fingertip | Defense, security and sensing (3/30/2010)
This month we feature our new M3 design platform that speeds development of micro-mechatronic modules for closed-loop motion on a fingertip, no external controller!
Also… a lot of interesting work going on the defense and security sector.