New Scale helps customers transform their large, expensive, complicated-to-use systems into small, affordable, easy-to-use instruments and devices.

Our customers use our tiny motion modules to adjust micro optics or mechanical components within their handheld, portable and mobile systems. The modules have micrometer precision, work on battery power, perform at any orientation and resist shock, vibration and temperature extremes. With all controls built in, they are the smallest, easiest-to-integrate solution for product designers creating miniaturized systems for a range of markets.


Medical imaging. Our modules move lenses, samples or image planes for precision focus and alignment in miniature instruments. Examples include handheld analytical instruments such as blood analyzers, portable In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) systems, handheld optometry devices, wearable assisted vision devices, miniature cameras for medical imaging and robotic surgery, and handheld video microscopes for clinical imaging.

Laser beam steering. Our modules deliver precision motion control for both high-power laser scalpels and low-power cosmetic lasers, for faster treatments and better results.

Optical tuning and alignment. Our smart actuators and micro stages move or rotate filters with high precision, and align samples and light sources in handheld imaging systems and portable spectroscopy instruments.

Other medical. Our small and precise motion systems power fluidic controls, robotic surgical tools and implantable devices.

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Medical applications of New Scale motion systems include handshake stabilization in this surgical micromanipulator. (Photo courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University.)

Analytical Instruments

maging. Our tiny autofocus systems improve performance of industrial endoscopes and robotic inspection systems. Our micro stages and miniature motion systems enable high-resolution miniature microscopes and extreme high-resolution cameras.

Optical tuning and alignment.  Our micro stages and smart actuators move or rotate filters, align samples and light sources, and position optical fibers in handheld analytical systems. Applications include detection of hazardous or contraband substances in security settings and identification of materials in manufacturing settings.

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Analytical instruments use New Scale micro-motion systems to align samples and light sources, position fibers, focus lenses and more. View the video.

Industrial Automation

Our high-precision microstages and smart actuators enable micro manufacturing. Applications include laser micro machining and precise robotic manipulation and assembly.

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Beam Steering Systems

Research Automation

We collaborate with leading research organizations to develop instruments that accelerate discovery. With our precise and compact instruments they can take more measurements in smaller spaces, collect more data faster, and do more experiments in less time. Examples include the COBRA fiber positioner for ground-based astronomical telescopes, developed with NASA Jet Propulsion Labs (JPL), and the multi-probe micromanipulator system developed with the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

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Research Automation projects include the COBRA fiber positioner for the prime focus spectrograph in a ground-based telescope.

Aerospace, Defense and Government

Imaging. Our tiny autofocus systems enable smaller, more accurate cameras including high-performance UAV and satellite-based cameras as well as biometric identification cameras. Our smart actuators provide vibration stabilization for micro imaging systems.

Targeting. Our focus modules and smart actuators and are used in weapon sights and automated targeting systems, for example in dynamic pointing of a laser to compensate for handshake or vibration.

Optical tuning and alignment.  Our microstages and smart actuators move or rotate filters, align samples and light sources, and position optical fibers in handheld analytical systems. Applications include detection of hazardous or contraband substances in security settings, and DNA identification for law enforcement applications.

Motion and positioning. Micro smart actuators power small, precise navigation and guidance systems for UAVs and other systems.

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