New Scale helps customers transform their large, expensive, complicated-to-use systems into small, affordable, easy-to-use instruments and devices.

Our customers use our tiny motion modules to adjust micro optics or mechanical components within their handheld, portable and mobile systems. The modules have micrometer precision, work on battery power, perform at any orientation and resist shock, vibration and temperature extremes. With all controls built in, they are the smallest, easiest-to-integrate solution for product designers creating miniaturized systems for a range of markets.


Analytical Instruments. DNA sequencers, blood analyzers, and In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) systems, point-of-care diagnostics, wearable devices for home monitoring and telemedicine.

Clinical Imaging. Handheld optometry devices, wearable assisted vision devices, miniature cameras for medical imaging and robotic surgery, and handheld video microscopes.

Robotic surgery. Endoscope cameras, high-power laser scalpels, and handshake stabilization systems.

Other. Fluidic controls, implantable devices and manipulators for research.

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Analytical Instruments

Autofocus systems for industrial endoscope cameras and robotic inspection systems, embedded microscopes, gigapixel cameras, mobile spectroscopy systems for detection of hazardous or contraband substances in security settings, and identification of materials in manufacturing settings.

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Aerospace, Defense and Government

Robust, low-power motion systems with extreme precision enable high-performance systems for aerospace, defense and government applications. These include UAV navigation and guidance systems, high-performance UAV and satellite-based cameras, weapon sighting and automated targeting systems, instruments for detection of hazardous or contraband substances, and DNA identification for law enforcement applications.

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Applying our experience in micro-mechatronics and motion control systems, we have developed smart parallel grippers and robotic calipers for collaborative robots. We created a new division, New Scale Robotics, to better reach and serve industrial automation customers.

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What’s Your Application?

New Scale engineers are experts at applying piezoelectric motor and micro-motion technology to leading-edge concepts. We’ll help you set your idea in motion.