In a podcast with New York State Manufacturing Now, FuzeHub’s Steve Melito talks to Heidi Quinlivan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Scale Technologies, about what the company does better than anyone else – and what manufacturers need to know about automation.

Learn about how we advanced our technology from the innovative SQUIGGLE piezo micro motor, to the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator for neuroscience research, to how we reinvented the UTAF motor technology originally developed for phone cameras to serve other applications. Finally,  how we expanded into robotics with our New Scale Robotics division.

Heidi also talks about NYS grants that helped us grow including a FuzeHub manufacturing grant that helped us develop our robotics technology, Global NY grants that helped us attend trade shows in other countries and increase our distribution network, and a NextCorps RGE Manufacturing Acceleration Program grant to help us with  ISO 13485:2016 certification to expand our business with medical product developers.