Neuroscience 2021 will take place online November 8-11, 2021. Preview Days are November 3-7, allowing attendees to preview posters as well as full symposia and minisymposia talks prior to the official meeting dates.

While we are definitely sad that Neuroscience won’t in-person this year, we are excited about the virtual event that the Society for Neuroscience has planned. The team at SfN does a great job making the best of the virtual meeting experience, with live sessions and interactive features.

Don’t miss the scavenger hunt! Stop by our booth for a clue.

Scheduled demos

We’ve scheduled two live, interactive demos on our virtual booth:

Tues. Nov. 9 | 11 am ET (9 am CT)
Virtual Coordinate System (VCS) Software Demo
Presenter: Ed Friedrich, Life Science Marketing
Ed will demonstrate the power of the system for experiment planning and simulation in this interactive session. See how to plan experiments and simulate the motion of multiple probes within a common stereotactic coordinate space. These settings ensure that all probes follow the desired approach angles and insertion trajectories during experiments. Learn more about our VCS Software

Weds. Nov. 10 | 11 am ET (9 am CT)
MPM Probe Mount NP2a Demo
Presenter: Aaron Solomon, Engineering Manager
Aaron will present the MPM Probe Mount NP2a and answer questions about its design and use with Neuropixels 2.0 probes. The new probe mount allows users to mount one or two probes on each arm in the manipulator system. Learn more about the Neuropixels 2.0 probe mount.

And of course, attendees can stop by any time during exhibit hours to ask questions one-on-one.

align a silicon neural probe to brain targets such as lambda or bregma

Virtual Coordinate System Software (Image courtesy Rumbaugh Lab – Scripps Research)

NP2a probe mount prototype for Nueropixels 2.0 alpha phase probes

Probe mount for Neuropixels 2.0 probes

The Multi-Probe Micropositioner (MPM) System

Our staff will be available throughout the virtual symposium to answer questions about the MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System. This system provides convenient, automated positioning of multiple neural probes for acute in-vivo recording in electrophysiology and optogenetic research. The first micro-manipulator designed specifically for use with silicon probes, it enables researchers to maximize productivity and precision. The compact design enables independent positioning of multiple probes in the smallest space. Automatically and independently move each probe to the optimum location in the brain. The powerful virtual coordinate system (VCS) software allows researchers to position and insert all probes using a common stereotaxic coordinate system.