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NeuroNexus, Cambridge, & Other Probe Mounts


Reliable positioning silicon neural probes, syringes, optical fibers, and other tools is essential in acute in-vivo recording in
electrophysiology and optogenetic research. New Scale’s mounts enable precise and repeatable positioning when mounted onto the
linear stages of an MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System.

MPM mounts are designed to fit the maximum number of probes and other research tools into the tightest possible spaces with the
MPM System. Standard MPM mounts are available for:

Cambridge Neurotech Probes

New Scale has standard probe mounts available for our distribution partner, Cambridge Neurotech. These probe mounts allow users of Cambridge Neurotech neural probes to position multiple probes simultaneously into multiple target regions in freely behaving head-fixed animals. Contact Cambridge Neurotech for more information.

NeuroNexus Probes

As a distribution partner, we support NeuroNexus probes including the A32/OM32, A32/HS36, and A64 probes. Our Pathfinder software also has compatibility with NeuroNexus’ Radiens™ software platform, enabling users to visualize brain anatomy and the data recorded during probe insertions and ephys recordings. Contact NeuroNexus for more information.

Optical Fibers

Productive optogenetics research requires the marriage of the best technologies in photonics, micropositioning and electrophysiology. This emerging neuroscience technique often requires the precise positioning of optical fibers or lasers to stimulate excitable target tissue.

Many of our customers use our reference probe rods to hold the optical fiber and position it precisely with an MPM micromanipulator, using other sets of MPM micromanipulators to position neural probes. Customers considering galvanometers to steer lasers may also use our compact and easy-to-use M3-RS two-axis beam steering developer’s kit.

Learn about using the reference probe as a holder to position optical fibers for optogenetics.

Photo by YoungJu Jo, Deisseroth Lab, Stanford University shows the New Scale MPM System with two fibers in standard commercial fiber holders (FCM; Thorlabs)

New Scale MPM System with two fibers in standard commercial fiber holders (FCM; Thorlabs) – photo courtesy YoungJu Jo, Deisseroth Lab, Stanford University

Syringes and Custom Probes

Syringes are used frequently to dispense samples and reagents in experiments. Our standard syringe holder can hold any syringe, or other cylindrical object, with a diameter ranging from 4.5mm to 15 mm at the maximum size.

New probes and other tools are regularly released and require mounts with our MPM system. We can develop custom probe mounts for your application. See this prototype example of the new NeuroLight probe, which allows for simultaneous recording and local optogenetic stimulation.

Ask us about holders for syringes and custom probes.

Probe Mount Extender

In some applications, it is essential to keep the micromanipulators as far from the experiment as possible, or to support a very shallow or abnormal approach angle and probe trajectory. We offer two probe mount extenders for such applications, one at 86.5mm, and another at 156.5mm. We can also develop and manufacture custom probe extenders if needed.

See this example application from the Peters Lab, at the University of Oxford.

Reference Probes: Safe Pre-Alignment During Setup

All probe mounts come with a steel reference probe to minimize risk of damage to delicate silicon probes while setting up experiments. Use the reference probe while making initial adjustments of the MPM System manipulator arms, using the VCS software to determine probe angles and insertion paths. Once the manipulator arms are in place, simply swing each arm up to replace the reference probe with a silicon probe. Return the arm to its target position using the repeatable stops.

CAUTION – this steel reference probe is extremely sharp to emulate the small silicon probe tip! Handle with care!

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NeuroNexus Probe Mount

The MPM Micromanipulator includes a standard mount plate, which our mounts attach to using two alignment pins and a captured Philips head screw.

New Scale Technologies probe mounts are designed for the New Scale MPM System. Several labs have successfully adapted the probe mounts for use with other manipulators.

Learn more

The MPM System is the only micro-manipulator designed specifically for silicon neural probes, including Neuropixels 2.0 probes.


Contact us or one of our partners for more information.