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The upcoming Pathfinder software release for the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System contains a number of features and enhancements* suggested by our users. One such feature is support for Xbox-style gaming controllers (wired, or with Bluetooth or USB wireless adapter). These include the Xbox Controller and the EasySMX Controller.

This feature was recommended by Kate Hong (Hong Lab, Carnegie Mellon University). The Hong Lab is a beta site for integration of the MPM Pathfinder software with the Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer (NTE) being developed by Andy Peters (Peters lab, Oxford).

Familiar with Xbox controllers, Kate decided to try this popular gaming controller in place of the recommended joystick** to control the MPM System.

Kate and her student both liked it, and recommended it to Andy, who loved it. Andy sent us suggestions to customize the controls to make it more convenient for Pathfinder operations.

The result is, in Andy’s words, “Hands down the best control system I have ever worked with.”

We love feedback from MPM users, experts in electrophysiology research!

* In addition to the main focus of the release: Integration with trajectory planning app and data acquisition apps. Learn more

** The MPM System accepts any Windows 10 compatible joystick. We recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.

An Xbox controller with the control buttons labeled for MPM System use