Rotary Micro Stages

m3-RS Rotary Smart StageS

New Scale has created a number of rotary micro stages and positioning modules featuring our patented piezoelectric motors along with integrated position sensors, bearings, drive electronics and embedded firmware. The M3-RS Series of completed designs are available for special order.

Please contact us about custom development of rotary micropositioning stages. 

NOTE: Standard M3-RS-U models are available by special order only. Existing customers please contact tech support.

SPECIAL ORDER: M3-RS-U-360 Rotary Microstage

This smart stage is only 12 mm in diameter including the embedded controller. It was developed for a scientific application requiring precise rotational positioning in a limited space. It delivers continuous 360° rotation. 

This design is available for special order in volumes. It can be used as a basis for custom rotary modules for beam alignment and positioning, optical tuning with gratings or filters, and sample alignment.


Application Examples

Application Example: Mirror Positioning

An M3-RS stage as a single-axis mirror positioning system

Application Example: Beam Steering

Two M3-RS stages in a two-axis, two-mirror beam steering system

Typical performance for a custom M3-RS-U Smart Stage with a 3-mm long mounted mirror

Attribute Value
Beam diameter (max) 2 mm
Range of motion +/- 20 degrees (continuous 360 degree motion without mirror stops)
Speed >1100 deg/sec
Acceleration >1,000,000 deg/sec² (note 1)
Stall torque (min) 0.04 N-mm
Holding torque (min) 0.08 N-mm (zero power)
Recommended maximum payload mounted to rotating shaft (payload must be balanced)
Mass 3 g
Inertia 350 g-mm²
CLOSED-LOOP performance (with built-in position sensor)
Recommended step frequency up to 100 Hz
Resolution (encoder resolution) 0.025 deg (440 µrad) absolute
Repeatability +/- 0.05 deg (880 µrad)
Accuracy 0.25 deg (4400 µrad)
Maximum closed loop step & settle times* 0.5 deg step: 9 ms
5 deg step: 14 ms
20 deg step: 21 ms
OPEN-LOOP performance (external position sensor provided by user – see
application note
Resolution <0.0057 deg (<100 µrad)
Accuracy Typically better than 10% of distance travelled after calibration
Maximum open loop step times* 0.05 deg step: 0.5 ms
0.5 deg step: 1.6 ms
5 deg step: 6 ms
20 deg step: 10 ms
Input voltage 3.3 VDC
Power consumption (typical) input directly to stage 500 mW active, moving
190 mW active, ready
50 mW standby
Power consumption (typical) input via USB interface
BREAK-OUT BOARD (one-axis developer’s kit)
675 mW active, moving
365 mW active, ready
150 mW standby
Power consumption (typical) input via USB interface
DEMO BOARD (two-axis developer’s kit)
1200 mW active, both axes moving
580 mW active, ready
200 mW standby
Stage mass 3 g
Operational lifetime 100 million random positions
Temperature and relative humidity 0 to +60 °C, non-condensing
Conformance CE / RoHS
Controller Integrated into stage, 64 MIPS
no external controller needed
Communication interface: I²C, SPI, UART or analog servo
Input directly to M3-RS

Note 1: With 0.99 g-mm2 inertial load of standard mounted mirror M3-RS-U-Mirror-01-11

Internal Stage …..0.39 g-mm2
Mirror Clamp …… 0.45 g-mm2
Mirror ………… 0.15 g-mm2
Total Inertia…… 0.99 g-mm2

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The M3 Smart Module Platform

M3 Smart Modules integrate a piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® micro motor, precision mechanical guide system, position sensor, microprocessor, and drive electronics into one tiny package. Eliminating the need for external controllers, they offer the smallest system size and easiest integration into OEM systems.

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Custom Engineering

We use our configurable M3 Smart Module platform to develop custom motion modules and systems that meet your exact requirements. We also develop full-custom micro motion systems. Ask us about a motion system feasibility study, the first step to faster, lower-risk product development.

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