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M3-F Focus Modules

Precision focus for the smallest OEM cameras

M3-F customizable focus modules add precision lens motion to the smallest OEM cameras. M3-F modules are small enough to replace fixed lens holders and simple to integrate into your camera system.



Improve performance of miniature cameras for biometric detectionmedical devices and imaging, video cameras, computer cameras, projectors and targeting systems.

The application note M3-F focus modules in camera system design describes the use of the M3-F module in camera systems. It includes module details, comparison to other focus techniques, block diagrams and integration information, and discussion of bi-directional vs. uni-directional repeatability and other performance considerations.


Developer's Kits

The developer's kit includes an M3-F focus module that you can control from your PC using our New Scale Pathway™ Software. This provides a simple and powerful platform for easy evaluation of the module as well as for your system development. You can interface directly to the module via its serial interface for prototyping. 

The M3-F modules in the developer's kits can accept a broad range of lenses and accommodate image sensors up to 17 x 17 mm including 1/2" and 1/1.8" formats.  (The lens and image sensor are NOT included in the kit.) For lens recommendations and guidelines for determining your image sensor and lens compatibility, please read the design note “Checking Optical and Imager Geometry in DK-M3-F”.

Kits are available to qualified OEMs as part of a development program with New Scale, or for purchase from select distributors. 



Download developer's kit data sheet with drawings (183K PDF)

The following specifications refer to the Developer's Kit module. We customize production modules to your OEM specifications.
Lens type (lens not included) M12x0.5mm
Accepts smaller lenses (to M8x0.35) with adapter from your lens supplier
Lens weight* < 5 grams
Travel range up to 1.5 mm
Housing dimensions 20 x 22 x 16 mm
Max image sensor area 
(image sensor not included)
17 x 17 x 1.25 mm 
(including 1/2" and 1/1.8" formats)
Speed > 5 mm/s
Resolution 0.5 μm
Repeatability Uni-directional: +/- 8 μm 
Bi-directional: +/- 20 μm
Linear accuracy +/- 30 μm
Angular alignment (static tip/tilt) <  +/- 1 degree
Angular movement (dynamic tip/tilt) <  +/- 0.15 degrees
Static concentricity <  +/- 0.25 mm
Dynamic concentricity <  +/- 0.02 mm
Digital interface I2C or SPI
Input voltage  3.1 to 3.6 V
Input power** < 0.5 Watts (5mm/s with 5g mass)
< 0.13 Watts quiescent
Temperature and humidity*** 5°C to 70°C (lower possible)  
<70% relative humidity non-condensing
Mean time before failure >2M cycles (fixed orientation)
500,000 cycles (random orientation)
Weight of module (without lens) 5.8 grams
Compliance CE, RoHS

* Fixed orientation will allow for heavier lenses.
** Power depends on input voltage, speed and load.
*** Ask us about lower temperature requirements


Ordering Information

Model Description Buying options

Developer's kit with M3-F module, USB adapter (SPI), connecting cable and New Scale Pathway software.

Buy online (via ams)
 - Digi-Key
 - Mouser

Find a local rep
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Customize your M3-F module

The M3-F developer’s kit provides a system to evaluate this micro-mechatronics system under light-duty performance. The M3 design platform allows us to quickly create a customized focus module to your exact OEM specifications including longer travel, custom lens interface, mounting requirements and unique environmental considerations.

Send us your specifications for a customized M3-F focus module. We'll respond with a proposal and can deliver prototypes in as little as 8-10 weeks.

You may also consider our other imaging solutions including UTAF modules for phone camera applications, and our custom system development capabilities.

Or contact us today to discuss your focus requirements.