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New Scale Technologies’ David Henderson recently spoke at a Design News webinar on the miniaturization of motors and motion control.

The trend of miniaturization allows manufacturers to install motors and motion control into smaller and smaller form factors. This matters because miniaturization helps in reducing energy consumption as well as weight, making it attractive to sectors such as aerospace, defense, medical, and science.

Traditional technology requires relatively large designs that are too cumbersome for many applications. The trend toward miniaturization has answered these needs.

This webinar explores how small, powerful electric motors with a diameter of only a few millimeters have been developed through pioneering innovations and have become useful in many areas of science.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why miniaturization is critical in the motors and motion control market
  • What sectors require small-form motors and motion control
  • How applications benefit from miniaturization
  • What are the physical limitations in shrinking motors and motion control
  • What is the future for miniaturization