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This short overview video shows how passing probe location coordinates from New Scale’s MPM Pathfinder software to the open-source Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer software allows researchers to see probe locations in the Allen Institute Common Coordinate Framework (CCF) 3D brain atlas.

During simulation, users identify the desired start and end point for each probe. They then view simulated insertions in both the Pathfinder viewer and the 3D brain atlas. Once satisfied with the planned trajectories, they use Pathfinder to automatically calculate the mechanical positions of the manipulator arm to achieve the desired trajectory path.

During insertions, users can see the probe position simultaneously in the Pathfinder viewer and the 3D brain atlas.

New Scale hosted a webinar with Andrew Peters (Peters Lab, Oxford), developer of the Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer, to demonstrate this process in greater detail. The webinar recording is available on demand.

About the MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System

The MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System provides automated positioning and insertion of multiple neural probes for acute in-vivo recording in electrophysiology and optogenetic research. The compact hardware design enables independent positioning and simultaneous insertion of multiple probes in the smallest space. The software enables simulation, planning and execution of experiments with all probes moving in a common stereotactic coordinate space. Integration with open-source trajectory planning and data acquisition apps allows researchers to visualize real-time probe locations and monitor brain activity during insertion.