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New Scale’s Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System Pathfinder Software V2.8.2 includes an HTTP server that allows the MPM System to accept commands from third party applications. This can include Matlab scripts.

For example, Dr. David Eriksson (Veit Lab, University of Freiburg) wanted to move the manipulators systematically for scanning light distribution from a laser source.  He wrote a scanning function using Matlab, and will use that to move the manipulators.

A client application may work with Pathfinder to:

    • command a switch between Stereotactic and Local modes
    • highlight a specific probe
    • select a probe’s Step Mode
    • command a X(ML), Y(AP) and or Z(DZ) move of a probe
    • initiate an insertion or retraction of a probe
    • issue a stop motion to an individual probe or all probes

The Pathfinder V2.8.2 Software download package on the MPM User Portal includes an app note, Optional HTTP Server Support, detailing how to use this feature. The section titled Methods that will Generate/Send JSON for You lists the available methods that can be called from a Matlab script.

a thumbnail of the first page of the app note

App Note included in the Pathfinder V2.8.2 software release for the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System