Custom piezo motors

Inside the M3 Module

Custom motors offer higher force, higher resolution, longer travel and more for custom micro stages and focus modules


Here’s a look at the technology inside our M3 Smart Modules and custom integrated motion solutions. Patented piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motors and NSD2101 motor drivers power our M3 smart stages: linear micro stages and rotary micro stages. NOTE: SQUIGGLE motors are an enabling technology, available only within an M3 Module or custom solution.

New Scale also creates custom piezo motor systems with higher push force, higher resolution and longer travel than our smallest SQL-RV-1.8 motors. Our development team will help you create the motion system that’s right for your application, navigating the tradeoffs in motor size, speed, force and power use.

Like all SQUIGGLE motors, these custom piezo motors offer greater power efficiency, higher reliability, and ten times better precision than electromagnetic motors.

Features include:

  • Direct linear movement with no gears or cams
  • Self-locking for “set and hold” positioning
  • Uses power only when moving
  • Robust construction withstands high shock loads
  • Silent, ultrasonic operation
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Vacuum, cryogenic and non-magnetic motor development available*

*Piezoelectric motors do not generate magnetic fields in operation. They do contain ferromagnetic materials. We can create custom motors using only non-ferrous materials as part of an OEM development project.


Below are typical performance data for a custom 7 mm diameter linear piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motor with stall force of 2 Newtons, and a larger custom motor with stall force of >5 Newtons.

Parameter 7 mm dia motor 12 mm dia motor
Travel Range up to 20 mm up to 50mm
Housing Dimensions ø 6.83 x 11.02 mm ø 12.3 mm x 36.6 mm
Motor Body Dimensions 3.4 x 3.4 x 10 mm  n/a
Resolution 0.5 μm 20 nm (without encoder)
Stall Force 200 gram force (2 N) > 5 N
Speed 4 mm/s  @ 1/2 stall force from 0.001 to 2 mm/s
Start/stop time 0.2 ms
Input Power to motor (moving) ¹ 1000 mW typical
Input Power to controller (moving)¹ ~2.5 W max (MC-1100 controller)
Input Power (stationary) OFF POWER HOLD (0 mW, 0 V to hold position) OFF POWER HOLD (0 mW, 0 V to hold position)
Operating Temperature -30 to +80°C -20 to +40°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +85°C
Shock Resistance 2500 G's
Lifetime (load-dependent)² > 70 000 cycles
Motor Controller MC-1100 drive card SQ-2300 controller
Operating Frequency ~ 115 KHz
Capacitance per Phase ~ 1.29 nF
Weight  1.2 grams (0.7 grams without screw)

¹ Power (moving) depends on motor speed and load.
² Lifetime test at continuous operation, full speed, room temperature, with 100 gram force load.

Performance depends on operating conditions and motor controller used. New Scale works with OEM customers to develop fully-integrated motion solutions that meet the system requirements. Please contact us to discuss your motion system requirements.

M3 smart modules, microstages and focus modules

SQUIGGLE motors have excellent position resolution: you can signal the motor to move very small distances, measured in microns or milliradians. However, the motor speed will vary with applied load and device friction. Closed-loop control is recommended for applications requiring exact position, repeatable position, or precise speed.

Our M3 (micro-mechatronic) smart modules – including linear microstages, rotary microstages, and focus modules deliver this closed-loop control. We combine our SQUIGGLE motors with precision miniature position sensors to create “ingeniously small” closed-loop actuators and microstages of 12 x 30 mm or smaller. All drive electronics are in the module – you just provide 3.3V and simple, high-level motion commands over a standard serial interface.

Custom piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motor offers 0.5 μm resolution and up to 2 mm of travel.

Custom piezoelectric SQUIGGLE motor offers 20 nm resolution and 50 mm of travel.