Victor, NY — March 9, 2011 — New Scale Technologies has demonstrated a miniature rotary actuator module with torque of 0.17 N-m and speeds of more than 400 degrees per second in a compact, 60 mm diameter by 8 mm thick design. Resulting from the successful completion of a Phase 1 SBIR project for the US Navy, this non-inductive rotary actuator module delivers higher power output in a smaller footprint than electromagnetic pancake motors or other piezoelectric actuators.

With this successful proof of concept, New Scale is supporting product development of custom rotary actuators for OEM partners. Applications include guided munitions and missile systems, MRI-compatible medical devices, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) controls, gimbal systems and computer equipment.

The module is non-magnetic and does not interfere with systems such as magnetometer (navigation) systems, MRI systems, or variable inductors. The highly scalable design can be adjusted to optimize dynamic performance, velocity, torque or size. The simple, strong, low-mass configuration withstands high-G launch accelerations.

Based on New Scale’s M3 micro-mechatronic design platform, this new “M3-R” rotary actuator module features integrated piezoelectric motors, tangential drive mechanism, angular motion sensor, and all drive and control electronics into a compact footprint of less than 1 cubic inch. It operates on lower input voltage than other piezoelectric flat motors, accepting direct battery voltage of 24 volts without boost circuits. It draws less than 60W when moving.

New Scale has demonstrated M3-R modules using both its SQUIGGLE and UTAF piezoelectric micro motors. These patented micro motors are proven, commercial ceramic motors with high force and precision. In the M3-R module, multiple motors work together to achieve the required torque and speed. Each piezo motor generates ultrasonic vibrations that create tangential force that directly rotates a central shaft with high acceleration and velocity, without gears or other mechanical linkages.

“With this proof-of-concept we continue to demonstrate the power of our M3 micro-mechatronics platform in bringing high-performance motion systems to market,” said Dan Viggiano III, Director of Custom Products at New Scale. “We are seeking development partners to work with us in applying this technology to advance the capabilities of their military, medical and commercial OEM systems.”

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies develops small, precise and smart motion systems for critical adjustments of optics in imaging devices and many other micro positioning applications. Our simple and elegant solutions deliver best-in-class performance in consumer imaging, biometric authentication, surveillance, medical devices, scientific instruments, haptic systems and many other markets. We design and manufacture custom products and license our technology to manufacturers worldwide. Our customers benefit from complete motion solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements and easily integrated into their next-generation instruments.

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