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Starting new designs with all-in-one positioning modules allows product development engineers to achieve smallest system size

White paper - embedded motion makes great products smallerNew Scale Technologies has released a new white paper detailing how the use of “embedded motion modules” can help product developers to make great products smaller.

Embedded motion modules are a new option for product design teams. Combining mechanical and electrical functions in one optimized, easy-to-integrate device, they speed the design process and ensure smallest system size. To avoid adding needless space and complexity for motion components, product designers should consider embedded motion modules at the beginning of the design process.

The white paper details the micro motion innovations that have made embedded motion modules possible. It shows how their use in scientific, industrial, commercial and other high-performance instruments maximizes performance while minimizing total system size. Several product application examples are included.

Download the white paper, Embedded Motion Modules Make Great Products Smaller.