New Scale’s newest M3-LS Smart Stage is a cost-effective solution for precision embedded motion in high-volume product applications.

M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage delivers rapid, cost-effective integration of embedded motion into precision instruments designed for high-volume production

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has announced availability of its new M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage, a direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage with embedded controller. It is a cost-effective solution for instrument designers who need to embed precision motion into compact instruments that will be manufactured in high volumes.

Applications include wearable medical devices, instruments for DNA sequencing, instruments for point-of-care diagnostics, handheld video microscopes, devices for telemedicine, portable spectroscopy instruments, handheld imaging systems, and laser beam steering. Watch the video.

The M3-LS-U2-8 delivers all the benefits of the New Scale’s M3-LS Smart Stage family, including precision motion, small size, low power use, and rapid integration into OEM instruments. Its speed of 35 mm/sec is seven times faster than other M3-LS Smart Stages.

The M3-LS-U2-8 specifications include:

Moving Mass:      40 grams horizontal payload, 5 grams vertical payload

Travel:                   8 mm

Speed:                  35 mm/s

Holding Force:   0.3 N

Resolution:          500 nm with absolute encoding – no need to home the stage on power-up

Dimensions:        32 x 32 x 10 mm – including controller

Voltage/Power:    5 VDC, ~3.2 W peak at max speed

Controller:            Embedded in the stage

Control Interface: Directly via I2C or SPI / Indirectly via USB adapter to PC

For additional specifications and data sheet visit the M3-LS Smart Stage product page.

The stage has high stiffness, no gears or backlash, and low acoustic noise. It can be powered by batteries or any low-cost DC supply. With no internal high voltage, it is suitable for use in wearable devices and near-patient instruments.

All drive electronics are completely integrated in the stage housing, making the overall system size significantly smaller than traditional piezoelectric stages that require an external controller. The embedded controller also simplifies integration into handheld and portable instruments.

The stage accepts direct input of high-level motion commands from the system controller via I2C or SPI interface. An optional USB adapter allows direct connection to a PC.

M3-LS stages are easily assembled into two-axis and three-axis systems for precise, repeatable positioning of optics, samples, sensors and more.


DK-M3-LS-U2-8 Developer’s Kits are available now. Developer’s kits include one M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage, a USB adapter and breakout board, power supply, New Scale Pathway™ software for evaluation and system development, and accessories.

A minimum order quantity will apply to purchase of M3-LS-U2 Smart Stages. For volume pricing or to order a kit email or call (585) 924-4450.