Compact, easy-to-use manipulator allows neuroscience researchers to quickly and precisely position multiple probes for neural recording


Victor, NY – Nov. 28, 2018 – New Scale Technologies today announced that its Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM) System supports imec’s new ultra-high density Neuropixels 1.0 probes for acute in-vivo neural recording in awake, behaving animals.

The MPM System is the only micromanipulator designed specifically for high-density silicon probes. Neuroscience researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Stanford University, The California Institute of Technology (Caltech), MIT, Purdue, The Max Delbrück Center (MDC) and more are using the MPM System to position up to eight silicon neural probes.

The probe holder “Probe Mount 1A” for the Neuropixels 1.0 probes is available now. It accepts Neuropixels 1.0 probes with either the flat silicon cap or the stainless steel dove-tail cap.

The probe holder is designed to work with the New Scale MPM System, but can be adapted for use with other manipulators.

New Scale Technologies MPM Probe Mount 1A with Neuropixels 1.0 probe


About the Multi-Probe Micropositioner (MPM) System

The MPM System has a compact design that enables close spacing of multiple probes, with ample open area for small animal interaction with a virtual task environment during recording. Each probe arm has four degrees of freedom for initial pre-adjustment and three axes of precision motorized motion for fine positioning and insertion.

MPM System software controls multiple probe arms on a single PC with joystick or mouse input, moving each arm in independent X-Y positioning and Z-axis insertion modes. New Virtual Coordinate System software (in beta test) allows probe positioning and insertion using common stereotactic coordinates.


Ordering Information

Neuropixels probes – Imec, a nanoelectronics research center in Leuven, Belgium, is the sole source of distribution of Neuropixels probes. Visit

MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator – New Scale Technologies manufactures the MPM System in the USA and sells it directly and through selected distributors to research labs worldwide. Visit  or call +1 (585) 924-4450.