Microscopy Applications

Automated microscope focus

Built-in controller: smallest size, fastest integration

Adding sub-micrometer precision focus to your microscope system has never been easier.

The M3-LS-3.4 Linear Smart Stage is a complete micro positioning module with the controller inside. No separate electronics are needed. This gives you the smallest size and fastest integration into your microscopy-based instrument.

Easily embed this linear “smart stage” in your smallest instruments without the need for multiple cables, high-voltage isolation, or special packaging of electronics.

The “smart stage” integrates a patented SQUIGGLE piezoelectric motor, drive electronics, absolute linear position sensor, crossed-roller bearings, and microprocessor with closed-loop firmware.

The complete stage including controller is only 32 X 32 X 11 mm. A single cable provides 6 VDC and serial digital commands via SPI or I2C.


  • No internal high voltage is needed or generated. This greatly simplifies safety and regulatory certifications.
  • All positions are held with zero power and high stiffness. This eliminates heating when the focus axis is vertical.
  • Closed-loop stepping uses an absolute position sensor, inside the stage, with 0.5 micrometer resolution.  No homing is needed.
  • Commands from the instrument controller are simple and easy to send.
  • Critical focus positions are easy to repeat.
  • Integration time is reduced from weeks to hours.
  • The 15 mm stroke maximizes dynamic range and flexibility.


The M3-LS-3.4 is ideal for fast development of automated instruments for applications including:

  • Microelectronics inspection
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Digital cell morphology
  • Automated digital pathology
  • 3D imaging
  • Cell sorting and counting (cytometry)
  • Any microscope-based instrument where small size and high precision matter


For specifications, videos, drawings and purchasing information visit our M3 Linear Microstages page.


Find out how you can easily add automated focus to your smallest microscope for in vitro diagnostics, next generation sequencing, massively parallel sequencing, deep sequencing, digital cell morphology, automated digital cell morphology, automated digital pathology, 3D imaging, high content imaging, cellular imaging,
high-content screening, high-content analysis, high-content imaging, cell sorting, automated cell counting,
cytology and image cytometry.

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