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See how to plan trajectories and insert multiple 4-shank silicon probes, viewing real-time positions in the Allen CCF with Pinpoint & NTE.


About this presentation:

The latest releases of Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer (NTE), Pinpoint, and New Scale’s MPM Pathfinder Software now support trajectory planning for 4-shank probes, such as the new Neuropixels 2.0 probe. Now, you can view physiology and anatomy side by side during probe insertion and neural recording. You can simulate, plan, execute, debug, and repeat experiments with greater ease and accuracy.

Trajectory planning tools, such as Pinpoint (Virtual Brain Lab) and Neuropixels Trajectory Explorer (Peters Lab, University of Oxford), allow the probe locations to be available in a 3D brain model, visualizing the probe as insertions progress. This works in both planning/simulation mode as well as in real-time insertions, growing in importance as researchers use more probes and probes with more shanks.

New Scale worked closely with researchers at the Virtual Brain Lab and University of Oxford, to test the use of Pathfinder software with both Pinpoint and NTE.

Join us for an online demonstration and live question and answer session about using Pathfinder with Pinpoint and NTE, hosted by:

  • Ed Friedrich, Life Sciences Business Manager, New Scale Technologies
  • Stefan Friedrich, Director of Marketing, New Scale Technologies

Please visit the Github pages for NTE and Pinpoint for more information: