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NSE-5310 Position Encoder

Inside the M3 Module

NSE-5310 Miniature Position Encoder

The NSE-5310 is an incremental position sensor jointly developed by New Scale Technologies and ams. It is used to provide closed-loop control inside many of New Scale’s M3 Smart Modules.

ams has discontinued production of the NSE-5310. New Scale has excess stock to offer for sale to qualified OEMs.


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About the NSE-5310 Position Sensor

The integration of Hall-effect position sensors, analog front end and digital signal processing on a single IC chip provides an ingeniously small position sensor, without the need for external pulse counters. On-chip encoding provides direct digital output that is accessible over the serial interface using I²C protocol.

A Hall element array on the chip is used to derive the incremental position of an external magnetic strip placed above the IC at a distance of 0.3 mm (typ). This sensor array detects the ends of the magnetic strip to provide a zero reference point.

The NSE-5310 provides absolute position information over the length of a magnet pole pair (2 mm). A user can count pole pairs and achieve absolute position information over the entire length of the magnet (essentially unlimited).

With better than 0.5 micron resolution, the NSE-5310 is a robust, cost-effective alternative to miniature optical encoders. It can be used as a linear or off-axis rotary encoder.



  • Direct digital output using I²C protocol
  • End-of-magnet detection for built-in zero reference
  • 0.488 μm resolution
  • < 2 μm bi-directional repeatability
  • < ±10 µm absolute error
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • Magnetic field strength monitor
  • Available in TSSOP-20
  • RoHS compliant