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The innovative UK company IrisGuard is using New Scale Technologies’ Focus Module to power its iris recognition systems that serve millions of unbanked customers around the world.  A recent IrisGuard press release explains:

IrisGuard serves millions of unbanked customers through its innovative EyePay® Platform, used by the United Nations and government aid agencies around the world. These programs rely on IrisGuard for the delivery of financial aid, by providing beneficiaries with cash based transfers and other assistance using iris recognition.

IrisGuard’s ground-breaking technology is specially suited to individuals with no bank accounts, such as migrant workers, displaced persons, refugees, natural disaster victims, and social welfare recipients. IrisGuard allows such individuals to access cash withdrawals, food vouchers, bank wires and money transfers using solely their eyes for identity verification and ensuring a fully secure transaction. These solutions significantly reduce levels of fraud, making sure humanitarian aid reaches its intended recipient…

IrisGuard has established itself as a leading player in iris recognition, with differentiated technology, a unique approach to payment solutions and an unmatched track record of service, including to clients such as the United Nations….”

Watch the BBC video to learn more

Compact, integrated lens motion system speeds iris camera development

New Scale Technologies worked closely with IrisGuard’s world-class engineering department to deliver a focus module to IrisGuard’s exacting specifications for its innovative iris identification systems.

Mounted over the image sensor on the camera board, the Focus Module with its embedded controller takes up no more space than a fixed lens holder. It helps deliver unmatched accuracy and usability by enabling better image quality over a wider depth of field and allowing greater variation in location of the iris.

Collaborating with IrisGuard, the world leader in iris recognition, allowed New Scale to deliver a precision focus solution with extremely fine lens motion and meet IrisGuard’s tough requirements.

The completely integrated Focus Module helped IrisGuard bring up its hardware quickly and get its systems out to meet the urgent need. 

It allowed IrisGuard system designers to bypass the multiple parallel design tasks that are needed to create a focus system from discrete components. Instead, the motors, mechanical guides, electronic control hardware, firmware, software, cables and connectors are integrated and optimized to work together inside the compact module. 

M3-F Piezoelectric autofocus system used in biometric identification camera

The module connects to the system processor using a single flex printed circuit (FPC) cable. IrisGuard engineers provide a 3.3V power and simple high-level motion commands from their camera ISP, using a standard I2C interface.

The piezo motor, position sensor and pin bushing guides inside the module provide fast, repeatable, closed-loop lens motion with 0.5 um position resolution.

Working with New Scale to develop the precision focus solution to their specifications allowed IrisGuard to concentrate on their core expertise: developing the world’s most advanced algorithms and robust systems for iris identification.    

M3-F Focus Modules

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