Elektor Magazine spoke with New Scale CEO David Henderson about SQUIGGLE® micro motors, developing the world’s smallest precision motion systems, and what’s next for the company

Elektor Magazine interviews Squiggle motor inventor

Since 2002, David Henderson has been focused on developing small precision motion technologies that are lower power and less expensive than other products on the market. Today, his company, New Scale Technologies, is pursuing solutions for a wide range of applications, including laboratory automation systems and collaborative robots.

From the interview:

“The unique value of our M3 motion modules is the elimination of separate electronics. This is a paradigm shift for our markets. Prospective customers do not expect an embedded solution and many look under the table for the “hidden” electronics. Communicating the unique value of our all-in-one systems our biggest marketing challenge.”

“In laboratory automation, our Multi-Probe Manipulators (MPM) are used by neuroscientists to position micromachined silicon probes for acute recording in mouse brains. Fifteen or more M3 stages are integrated in a very small system that quickly and accurately positions the probes and increases the quality and quantity of electrical data.”

“In industrial automation, we just introduced a new precision smart gripper for collaborative robots. Under the New Scale Robotics (NSR) brand, we have launched the NSR-PG, Precision Parallel Gripper. This gripper plugs-and-plays with the Universal Robots (UR) robots in less than 30 minutes. This gripper is an all-in-one mechatronic system with URCaps software that enables the customer to “teach” the gripper using the same application as the robot.”

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