The M3 Micromechatronics design platform combines a SQUIGGLE RV micro motor, position sensor, the drive ASIC and a microprocessor in a miniature, closed-loop motion assembly.

Published in Design News
May 2010
By Al Presher, contributing editor

Dramatic reductions in voltage and power requirements are making tiny piezo motors and drive systems an interesting option for portable, low-power medical devices. By eliminating the need for the high voltage normally associated with piezo systems, a new piezo motor design from New Scale Technologies enables miniature motion systems that operate on a single 3-V battery without using voltage boost circuits.

“Normally piezo technology requires input of 40 volts or more, which is a concern especially in medical applications,” says Ralph Weber, product manager for New Scale. Even though their previous systems and ASIC could run on a 3.3-V input, Weber says that the boost circuits to produce the higher input voltage required by all piezoelectric motors can scare designers.

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