Happy Holidays from the Team at New Scale Technologies

Full speed ahead in production.

Any job is easier with a
pup at your feet.

If you don’t have a dog,
just borrow one.

PPE (Personal Phestive Equipment).

The Head Elf.

Those are engineering videos! Honest!

Marketing cross-training
the shipping interns.

M3 Module production.

Shopping for work is fun, sometimes.

Sales guy hard at work, as usual.

So grateful for our customers,
distributors and partners…
this year more than ever.

Professional pup transporter.

Sales is hands-on with the new product.

Elf training.

Finance keeping everything balanced.

The view from production.

He’s making a list…

…and he’s checking things twice.

Prototyping at our desks.

Engineering, prototyping, testing,
and soup QC at our desks.

HUGE thanks to all our alpha
and beta sites for your collaboration
on the new VCS software!

Product development.

Always taking care of our people.

Contemplating our next patent.

Not sure why everyone says
“never turn your back on a robot.”

The Real Head Elf.

Solving problems.


Dear customers, friends and partners – you brought us so many moments of joy in a challenging year. We’re so grateful for what we accomplished together. Here’s to even better things to come!

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.