Presented at Actuator 2010
by David Henderson, Qin Xu and Daniele Piazza, New Scale Technologies

Today nearly two billion mobile phones have digital cameras and an additional 800 million cameras are shipped each year. Recent emphasis on “smart phones” has created the need for faster focus for more rapid picture taking and continuous auto focus (CAF) for clearer video capture. The UTAF™ actuator module uses a unique piezoelectric ultrasonic motor and module design to achieve all CAF requirements. “Ultra Thin Auto Focus” technology integrates: a piezo motor, drive IC, digital Hall position sensor IC, low-friction preload mechanism, precise lens guide, and advanced Smart Step™ algorithm. These critical CAF actuator module specifications are achieved: size less than 8.5 X 8.5 X 4 mm, lens movement from close-up (macro) to distant (infinity) of 300 micron, 30 micron steps in less than 10 msec, acoustic noise less than 35 dBA, power less than 10 mW and lens tilt less than 0.1 degree.

Download the technical paper