Micro Beam Steering Applications

Precision beam steering modules are easily integrated into portable instruments

New Scale creates miniature actuator systems for precise point-to-point beam steering and dynamic movements up to 1K Hz. Our direct-drive piezoelectric motors inside the modules hold position with zero power and no servo jitter. The effects of external vibrations on the mirror position are highly damped.

M3 smart modules have fully-integrated closed loop controllers – no external control board is needed! They communicate directly with your system processor over a standard serial interface. They have low drive voltage and low power use, making them ideal for portable instruments.

New Scale offers both standard and custom M3 beam steering modules for different applications and form factors.

Beam Steering Applications By Industry


  • Scanning dermatology lasers to achieve precise exposure levels
  • Scanning a laser sources in fluorescence microscopes and imaging instruments
  • In-vivo and in-vitro micro laser surgery


  • 3D printers
  • Positioning laser beams for range finding (LIDAR), 3D measurement, spectroscopy
  • Remote sensing of atmospheric conditions, pollution sources, explosives, etc.
  • Optical image stabilization to correct for hand tremors
  • Laser marking, engraving and machining


  • Laser beam pointing and tracking for free-space optical communication systems
  • Variable optical attenuation
  • Fiber-to-fiber optical switching

Aerospace and Defense

  • Designation and jitter compensation of targeting lasers
  • Automated obstacle detection, tracking and avoidance for robots, vehicles, UAVs, etc.

Standard Products

Please see our M3-RS Rotary Stages for standard beam steering and mirror positioning systems. These stages have a familiar galvo-scanner form factor with a drastically smaller size: only 12 mm diameter including the embedded closed-loop controller.


Custom products

See our custom engineering capabilities for custom modules we have developed and patented for specific beam steering applications. Comparable in size to MEMS devices, they offer a larger range of motion and accommodate higher-power lasers with larger beam diameters.



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