Fluidic Applications

Piezoelectric micro-pumps, valves and switches enable more precise fluid control

Piezo-based micro pumps move microliter and nanoliter volumes of fluid with extremely precise control. Today, most micro pumps employ flexing diaphragms and peristaltic motion, which creates pulses of uneven pressure and a flow precision that is dependent on the backpressure.

A micro pump design based SQUIGGLE on motors overcomes these limitations. New Scale’s reference design uses the SQUIGGLE motor’s precise linear motion to directly move a reciprocating piston or bellows. The NSE-5310 position sensor provides high-resolution control of the fluid. This positive displacement pump design enables higher precision, pressure and flow in a package that is one tenth the size of existing micro pumps.

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  • Smaller size – smaller than a pen cap, 10x smaller than existing designs
  • Battery operation
  • Sub-nanoliter flow resolution
  • Smooth flow without pulsation
  • Flow precision independent of backpressure
  • Low sensitivity to bubbles and particles
  • Scaleable pressure and flow rate
  • Self-priming capability
  • Low cost in high volumes


  • Drug delivery devices: smaller, more precise pumps and syringes for battery-operated, wearable devices
  • Micro dispensing and laboratory automation systems
  • Micro lubrication systems: using a fine mist rather than a flood of lubricant reduces waste
  • Spacecraft thrusters
  • Lab-on-a-chip systems: integrating laboratory functions, such as blood analysis or contaminant detection, on a single chip using extremely small fluid volumes
  • Liquid optics: controlling the fluid to focus the liquid lens

Tiny SQL series SQUIGGLE motors enable a positive displacement micro pump that is one tenth the size of existing peristaltic pump designs.


New Scale works with OEM customers to develop complete, smart motion systems for fluidics applications.

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“Positive Displacement Microfluidic Pump Using SQUIGGLE Motors”

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