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Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System

Five silicon probes. One simple micromanipulator system. 

Maximize productivity and precision for acute in-vivo recording with automated probe positioning for electrophysiology and optogenetics

The MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System provides convenient, automated positioning of multiple neural probes for acute in-vivo recording. It is the first micromanipulator optimized for use with silicon probes.

The MPM System is simple to set up and operate. The compact design allows for independent positioning of up to five probes in the smallest space, with ample clear area for a virtual task environment.  

Mulitprobe Manipulator System for electrophysiology


Mulitprobe manipulator detail - silicon probes

Compact, easy-to-use micropositioning system for multiple silicon probes, tetrodes, optical fibers and optical waveguides

A mounting ring allows five probe arm assemblies to be positioned around the target. The ring mounts to standard laboratory tables with imperial or metric hole patterns. Alternatively, the arms can be inverted by mounting them to an elevated platform to maximize space below the probes for animal interaction with a virtual task environment.

In addition to silicon probes with hundreds of channels, the MPM System is compatible with tetrodes and other probes. It can be used to simultaneously position optical waveguides or optical fibers for research combining electrophysiology with optogenetic stimulation. Probe mounting kits are available for many commercially available probes. 

MPM Multi-Probe Manipulator inverted or upright

Each probe arm has four degrees of freedom for initial pre-adjustment, along with three axes of motion for automated positioning. The motorized positioners allow precise control of x-y location and z insertion depth, automatically and independently moving each probe to the optimum location in the brain.  

All five micropositioners – a total of 15 axes of automated motion – are controlled from a single PC screen using the fully-integrated motion control software included with the system. Optional joystick control is available.


MPM Systems are fully configurable for number of probe arms, inverted or upright position, and type of probe holders. Each system is complete and easy to assemble with the tools and hardware provided. All cables and connectors are labeled including standard USB cables to the PC. The MPM software installs on your Windows PC in minutes.


News and resources

New distributor: Dr. Tahl Holtzman, founder of Cambridge NeuroTech, is an experienced neuroscientist and entrepreneur who helped guide development of the MPM System for use with his company's cutting-edge silicon neural probes. Cambridge NeuroTech named distributor for the MPM System

Where to buy

Sales and support for the Multi-Probe Manipulator (MPM) System is provided by our worldwide partners with experience in neuroscience and advanced research instrumentation. Find a distributor.