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Phone Camera Applications

Ultra-thin autofocus actuator modules for mobile phone cameras

Today nearly two billion mobile phones have digital cameras and an additional 800 million cameras are shipped each year. Recent emphasis on “smart phones” has created the need for faster focus for more rapid picture taking and continuous auto focus (CAF) for clearer video capture.

New Scale's ingeniously small motion systems enable designers to incorporate these features - and more - into smaller phone handsets. We work closely with handset makers, module designers and systems integrators to create complete motion systems for phone camera and other mobile applications.

UTAF™ (Ultra-Thin Autofocus) modules

New Scale's custom UTAF actuators combine a motor with a linear guide mechanism to create an ultra-thin autofocus lens module. It is based on our patented UTAF piezoelectric motor, in which an ultrasonically vibrating beam is oriented perpendicular to the optical axis and contacts the lens at two points to maximize stability and driving force. A unique vibration mode optimizes resolution and speed for the autofocus function. The actuator assembly is only 3.8 mm high - thinner than the lens assembly. Therefore the lens, not the motor, determines the module size.

The UTAF motor is produced under license by New Scale's technology partner, TDK-EPC (EPCOS), using multi-layer co-fired ceramic processing. It is manufactured as a single part that operates directly from the phone battery, less than 2.8 V.

A reference ultra-thin autofocus module design using an M-6.5 mm lens measures 8.5 x 8.5 x 3.8 mm, compatible with SMIA85 packages.

Compared to voice coil actuators, the UTAF module offers:

The UTAF module is driven by a single ASIC with on-board speed control. The driver accepts 2.3 V to 5.5 V input from the phone battery and uses 1/3 less power than similar piezo motor drive solutions.

Ready for Mass Production

TDK-EPC, our partner for multi-layer co-fired piezoelectric ceramics, is a EUR 6.8 billion global manufacturer of electronic products and routinely produces millions of multi-layer piezoelectric actuators per month to demanding automotive quality standards.

ams (SIX:AMS), our partner for drive solutions, is a leader in analog IC design and production with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including a 200mm (8") wafer fab in Austria and test centers in Austria and the Philippines.

We also work with our licensed manufacturing partners ALPS and Tamron for high-volume production.

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