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Optical System Applications

Tiny closed-loop modules provide high-precision motion for focusing, filtering, tuning, laser beam steering and more

New Scale provides small, precise and smart actuators to move optical component in consumer, medical, scientific, military and industrial devices. Using our patented piezoelectric motor and related technology, our miniature closed-loop motion modules provide unmatched position resolution and accuracy in tiny packages. Their compact size and low power use make them ideal for hand-held and portable systems.


M3-F Focus modules

M3-F focus modules add precision focus to OEM cameras. You provide a 3.3V supply and high-level input via standard serial interface. The module is customized to fit your lens (from M6 to M12) and provides millimeters of lens motion. Modules measure 20 x 22 x 16 mm and mount on the OEM board camera PCB.

Each closed-loop motion module incorporates a piezoelectric micro motor, a high-resolution position sensor (which, unlike optical encoders, does not require a light source or external zero reference sensor), a motor drive ASIC and a microprocessor.

M3-F module in a board camera

Application example: M3-F module in a board camera application.


UTAF focus modules

The UTAF module is a complete ultra-thin auto focus actuator for next-generation ultra-thin mobile phones with image sensors better than 8 MP.  It enables continuous auto focus for video capture, as well as faster focus for more rapid picture taking. The complete UTAF actuator module measures less than 4 x 8.5 x 8.5 mm. This technology is available for licensing.

M3-L Linear Actuator Modules

M3-L linear modules are customizable, fully integrated, closed-loop actuators based on New Scale’s M3 design platform. This platform incorporates a piezoelectric SQUIGGLE micro motor, motor drive ASIC, position sensor and microprocessor. The modules accept high-level digital commands via standard serial interface (I2C or SPI). No external control board is necessary. 

M3-L modules have smaller size, higher resolution, and lower power use than traditional stepper motors. They can be rapidly customized to OEM specifications including mounting and load interface, dimensions, and push and/or pull operation.

 Application example: M3-L moving an optical element. 


Custom solutions

Custom micro motion solutions based on our expertise in piezoelectric motion systems give you what you need: higher force, higher precision, longer travel, special constraints on the mechanical configurations and much more. We excel at creating small, precise and smart motion systems customized for your application. For examples please see our custom motion systems.

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